Celebrating the Launch of Gin Savvy with a Special Cocktail

13th August 2017

To celebrate the launch of Gin Savvy - I've combined Gin with another favourite of mine - Prosecco  - to produce this lovely summer cocktail.

You will need:

  • 20ml gin

  • a dash of Elderflower Cordial (or liqueur) 

  • Prosecco 

  • Lime Wedges 

  • Sugar (for the rim of the glass)

It's easy to put the sugar on the rim of the glass - you just need two flat saucers - one with lime juice, the other with sugar - put the rim of the glass in the juice and then roll the top of the outside rim in the sugar.  Garnish with a slice of lime.

Delicious! The combination of Gin and Elderflower mellows the Prosecco to produce a light summer cocktail.   Cheers!