Elephant Gin – A Must Try Gin!

9th January 2018

Elephant Gin - Must Try Gin!

Elephant Gin has definitely earned a place in my drinks cabinet.  The gin is hand-made in Germany although it has a story that starts in South Africa and is made with rare African Botanicals (Devil’s Claw, Lion’s Tail and Bacchu to name a few). 

On top of this 15% of all proceeds is given to charities fighting the illegal ivory trade – not bad eh?  The bottle is also pretty cool – with an old-fashioned map of South Africa appearing from the back of the bottle or with the cork stopper in the top! 

As recommended, I served Elephant Gin with two thin slices of green apple and tonic water.  To keep to the German theme, I paired it with Goldberg’s Tonic Water. It was a delicious combination.  Elephant Gin is incredibly smooth and complex with a range of flavours - pine, ginger, elderflower and apple along with the traditional juniper and orange.  The apple garnish works really well; and brings out the apple notes and the real freshness of the gin.

There is a lot to like about the gin – the taste, the bottle and the support for an environmental cause. It makes an excellent gin gift  and we are selling Elephant Gin as part of a larger wicker hamper or a smaller gift box.