Navy Strength - Plymouth Gin

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This Gin Savvy Hamper contains a selection of gin gifts and a bottle of the ever popular Navy Strength - Plymouth Gin. This multi-award winning gin has won over 20 international awards in the last 10 years.

Plymouth Gin, renowned for its superior quality, has been distilled on the same site since 1793 at The Black Friar's Distillery located a short distance from Plymouth Harbour.

The flavour is intense, bold and aromatic.  For almost two centuries, no Royal Navy Ship left port without it.  A multi-award winner that's strong enough to fire cannons.

The hamper contains three different brands of popular tonic water - Fever Tree, Double Dutch, and Franklin.  

Mix them together in a gin ballon glass (ideally shaped to allow full appreciation of the gin flavours)  - you have the perfect G & T!  

Finally, get snacking on Joe and Seph's Gin & Tonic popcorn - you won't be disappointed! For dessert savour the truly scrumptious Gin & Tonic Chocolate by Coco Chocolatier. 

Oh, and the party is not over... wake up to Raspberry Gin Jam on toast. Delicious! 

The hamper can be presented in either a wicker hamper or white gift box, and filled with blue shredded paper and tied with a grey satin ribbon.


  • Navy Strength - Plymouth Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV
  • Fever Tree Tonic Water 200ml
  • Dutch Tonic Water 200ml
  • Franklin Tonic Water 200ml
  • Gin Copa by Dartington Crystal
  • Gin & Tonic Popcorn by Joe & Seph’s - 70g
  • Coco Chocolatier Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate 90g
  • Raspberry Gin Jam by Raisthorpe Manor

Please note: the Cocktail Pastilles (as shown in the image) are no longer included in the hamper