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This Gin Savvy Hamper contains a selection of gin gifts and a bottle of the ever popular Plymouth Gin. This multi-award winning gin has won over 20 international awards in the last 5 years.

Plymouth Gin, renowned for its superior quality, has been distilled on the same site since 1793 at The Black Friar's Distillery located a short distance from Plymouth Harbour.

The gin is extremely smooth, clean and full-bodied with notes of coriander and green cardamon and a balance of sweet orange.  The gin is extremely versatile and great for cocktails but for a fruity gin and tonic, serve with Indian tonic and garnish with orange peel and coriander.  Delicious!

The hamper contains three different brands of popular tonic water - Fever Tree, Double Dutch, and Franklin.  

Mix them together in a gin ballon glass (ideally shaped to allow full appreciation of the gin flavours)  - you have the perfect G & T!  

Finally, get snacking on Joe and Seph's Gin & Tonic popcorn - you won't be disappointed! For dessert savour the truly scrumptious Gin & Tonic Chocolate by Coco Chocolatier. 

Oh, and the party is not over... wake up to Raspberry Gin Jam on toast. Delicious! 

The hamper can be presented in either a wicker hamper or white gift box, and filled with blue shredded paper and tied with a grey satin ribbon.


  • Plymouth Gin - 70cl - 41.2% ABV
  • Fever Tree Tonic Water 200ml
  • Dutch Tonic Water 200ml
  • Franklin Tonic Water 200ml
  • Gin Copa by Dartington Crystal
  • Gin & Tonic Popcorn by Joe & Seph’s - 70g
  • Coco Chocolatier Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate 90g
  • Raspberry Gin Jam by Raisthorpe Manor

Please note: the Cocktail Pastilles (as shown in the image) are no longer included in the hamper